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Trying to get in contact with the face-up artist who’s had my Glorydoll Louis and Cerisedolls Ombre since early June, since she said she’d send pictures of them, but that was almost a month ago and there’s been no message, no reply to my messages, now I’m sending messages through…

That’s really frustrating! No matter what is going on in your life, there is always time to send someone a little message if you’re doing work for them and something personal comes up in the middle of their commission. It’s a little stupid that you haven’t heard anything back in a month. And also very bad business. What you’re experiencing is truly my nightmare, so I only use artist that I’ve done a lot of research on. However, I don’t want you to be discouraged from one bad commission! I’ve sent heads out on numerous occasions and they’ve come back all well! I’m sure you’ll get them back in the end, and if you’re up for it - I’d recommend AngelToast! She does stunning work and has great communication!

Do you know how shitty it feels to come home to my recast (a gift) and hear I’m a bad person? It really hurts my self-esteem, and makes me feel awful. Don’t even tell me antis don’t do harm, you’re awful if you believe they are completely innocent.


Do you know how shitty it feels to have money stolen out of your pocket over a toy? Do you?

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I’m sure it really hurts the artists’ self-esteem that people prefer to buy knock-offs of their work rather than support them.

I bet it makes them feel pretty awful too.

Don’t even tell me recasts don’t do harm. You’re awful if you believe they’re completely innocent. 

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The whole point of this post is that antis are not polite and belittling. People need to get off their high horse. Their fucking dolls for christ sake, stop making the whole situation more then it is.

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How many times do we have to have this argument with every one of you stupid assholes trying to redirect the issue. It doesn’t matter if our hobby is dolls or highly detailed dog turds cast in resin or masks or what not, the point still remains whatever it’s about someone made the thing and you fucking took it and didn’t pay them for it. If you buy a recast you might as well walk into a con and give some dude twenty bucks to go shoplift a physical item off a table for you except it’s fucking worse than that because you’re paying him to shoplift the item and then copy it and take all the profits the artist should have gotten for their hard work.

And you know what, no I’m not going to get off my high horse. Fuck you if you think that it’s a-okay for someone to take away another person’s ability to make a living doing their craft. Fuck you if you think that ‘Pro-Recasts deserve respect’ because really, people who willingly take away a person’s ability to feed and clothe and shelter themselves for a toy doll are just about the shittiest people I can think of in a context that doesn’t involve human trafficking or torturing people,

Fuck the idea that Pro-Artists need to play nice and polite with Pro-Recast assholes who are ready and willing to shit all over hard working people and fund more shitting on more people because they can’t handle not having a hunk of resin they can’t legitimately afford. Literally the argument hasn’t changed on the recast side it’s just turned into a lot of sobbing and tone policing and ooo it’s so mean to act like I’m stealing when you are fucking stealing things.

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Like fuck pro-theft bullshit deserves politeness or respect in return. I am not going to coddle someone because they were made to feel bad after they did something shitty and can’t handle being called on it.

As for the OP; yeah, no. Just because you were gifted a recast doesn’t mean you have to support them and what they represent. And if you don’t support them what do you have to feel bad about? Educate the gift giver if you feel they might slip up again since some people who aren’t aware of what recasts are & are buying as gifts might see the lower price tag & think it’s a bargain. This is another symptom of how recasts hurt the legit market, so unless you support buying recasts then it’s not exactly your fault is it.

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Guys! Please!

Guys, please, go sign that net neutrality petition. Call your senators. Send that Tumblr email thingy! Do this! We can not lose the internet. I don’t wanna have to pay for damn bundled internet packages to view two sites and wait 40 minutes for other pages to load. Please.

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